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Anita Dunn’s Favorite Philosopher Mao Tse-Tung

Comrade Dunn Extolling Chairman Mao

Comrade Dunn Extolling Chairman Mao

WASHINGTON: Unless you were watching Glenn Beck on October 15 you probably missed hearing about Anita Dunn’s favorite philosopher Mao Tse-Tung. The YouTube video that follows will let you see her comments in context. Your first questions when you read this post are probably: Who is Anita Dunn, and why do we care what she thinks?

Anita Dunn is the White House Communications Director. She has years of experience working in the Obama campaign, is married to Obama’s personal lawyer Robert Bauer and is a frequent spokesperson for the White House, appearing on CNN and other news outlets. She is highly regarded in the Obama White House and Obama’s endorsement of her speaks volumes about the mind set of this President.

She is speaking in June of this year in a church setting as part of graduation ceremonies at a high school. Ms. Dunn extolls Mao’s plan to take China over and his ruthless drive to establish communism in this country. She makes a joke about Mao and Mother Teresa that David Weigel in the Washington Independent says is “a joke to everyone but the grim-faced Beck.”

This video can only be described as surreal. Watch her expressions closely as she sermonizes from the pulpit. Watch her as she so glibly extolls her admiration for a man who was responsible for killing more than 45 million people.

Her comments give tacet approval to the axiom “the end justifies the means.” Can you imagine what America would be like if our country was seized and 45 million people were killed? In any context could you then ever speak so rhapsodically about the perpetrator?

One might ask what would have happened had she called Adolf Hitler one of her favorite philosophers. Yet Hitler was responsible for just a fraction of the number of deaths comparative to Mao.

Today Investors.com’s Mark Steyn put it this way:

… try a thought experiment: Midway through Bush’s second term, press secretary Tony Snow goes along to Chester A. Arthur High School to give a graduation speech:

“I know it looks tough right now. You’re young, you’re full of zip, but the odds seem hopeless. Let me tell you about another young man facing tough choices 80 years ago. It’s last orders at the Munich beer garden — gee, your principal won’t thank me for mentioning that — and all the natural blonds are saying, ‘But Adolf, see reason. The Weimar Republic’s here to stay, and besides, the international Jewry control everything.’

“And young Adolf Hitler puts down his foaming stein and stands on the table and sings a medley of ‘I Gotta Be Me’, ‘(Learning To Love Yourself Is) The Greatest Love Of All’ and ‘The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow’.” And by the end of that night there wasn’t a Jewish greengrocer’s anywhere in town with glass in its windows.

“Don’t play by the other side’s rules; make your own kind of music. And always remember: You’ve gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?”

Anyone think he’d still have a job?   Mark Steyn, Investors Business Daily

Dunn defended herself today on CNN. Rather than repudiating her comments her defense was simply that there were Republicans who also quoted some of Mao’s statements. You can read CNN’s report here. Joseph Lawler does a better job of defending her comments in The American Specatator than she did. Perhaps Lawler should be the White House Comm Director.

View the video and watch her closely. Watch her eyes and expression as she speaks about Mao. She appears to be just one more intellectual out of touch with reality, in a position of great power, and one who is very scary.

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  1. Jonathan Trenn
    December 28th, 2009 at 11:32 | #1

    What amazes me about speeches like this is that while I’m convinced that she was speaking tongue-in-cheek, it’s that it doesn’t create controversy. It’s OK to say things like this tongue-in-cheek, whereas it’s not OK to do so with Hitler. Both are beyond the pale. Dunn should have used someone else to make her point. But she, like many, don’t see totalitarian communists as necessarily being all that bad.

    Granted, we fought against Hitler in a World War. But it seems Mao has turned into first and foremost a important historical figure of the 20th Century and nothing more. The millions of deaths are considered to be an afterthought.

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