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White House Puts Out Phony Job Stimulus Numbers

WASHINGTON: The AP reviewed a sampling of jobs purportedly created by the $787 billion stimulus package as reported on Recovery.gov. According to the site’s original estimate reported by the NY Times on October 15 the government on claimed some 30,000 jobs have been created. If you do the math that is $26,233,333 per job.* We sense more jobs coming soon due, this time in Hollywood for the new show “Do You Want to Be a Stimulus Multimillionaire?”

AP Reporters Brett Blackledge and Matt Apuzzo report that a sampling of less than 9,000 of these jobs show that half of those examined or nearly 5,000 jobs were simply not created. It appears that ACORN alumni are working in the polling department at the White House:

Even in its limited review, the AP found job counts that were more than 10 times as high as the actual number of paid positions; jobs credited to the stimulus program that were counted two and sometimes more than four times; and other jobs that were credited to stimulus spending when none was produced.

For example:

• Some recipients of stimulus money used the cash to give existing employees pay raises, but each reported saving dozens of jobs with the money, including one Florida day care that claimed 129 jobs saved.

• A Texas contractor whose business kept 22 employees to handle stimulus contracts saw its job count inflated to 88 because the same workers were counted four times. Associated Press

The WH agreed with the AP that the numbers are phony, but they regard the fakery as accounting errors. The WH vowed to correct the numbers in a new report due tomorrow. The 1 in 6 bogus jobs found in the sampling is an error rate too large for simple statistical inaccuracy, hence it becomes fodder for NIP economists.

Unemployment in now is averaging 9.5% with 17 states above the average, including Michigan at 15.3%. We thought the “emergency” stimulus bill was to create millions of jobs. Apparently the ACORN counters were having trouble even coming up with 30,000 jobs created so they employed their get-out-the vote tactics. We wonder how many jobs they reported being created here at the NIP?

*Actually the NIP is doing some prevaricating here. As of Oct 21st only 15% of the $787 billion has been spent. That lowers the money spent per job to $3,935,000. Still, nice work if you can get it.

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