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1994 Prevaricator of the Year™ Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter The Worst President Ever1994. For ’94 we were considering a joint award for the North Koreans and Jimmy Carter since the North Koreans duped Jimmy into negotiating a payoff all the while maintaining their nuclear program:

In remarks to reporters at the White House today after the meeting, Mr. Carter, who returned from his trip late Saturday, unabashedly provided an encouraging and unqualified account of his accomplishments. “I personally believe that the crisis is over,” he said. New York Times

Apparently Jimmy didn’t like sharing the award with the North Koreans. So to seal the solo nomination Jimmy traveled to Haiti later that year and negotiated a truce. Who even knew the US was at war with Haiti? (Hey, next year let’s go to war with Cancun!) From Carter’s own web site:

The day after former President Jimmy Carter helped negotiate the agreement to avert a U.S. invasion of Haiti, The Los Angeles Times described him as a person with “a preternatural patience and an unshakable faith in his fellow man.” The Carter Center

Apparently he’s not done yet with his self-congratulations. So Jimmy, practically every year you are in the running, but for 1994 we give you supreme prevaricator kudos. And Jimmy, when you read this, be sure to click on the cartoon.

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