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Obama’s Dithering Undermining US Troops

Emanuel and Ditherer-in-ChiefWASHINGTON: It is now 72 days since the release of the McChrystal assessment dated August 30th. How long do we have to wait for Obama to answer McChrystal’s request for more troops? Apparently longer. White House aides seem to be indignant that anyone is even interested:

Angry at Monday’s CBS report (and the military sources who seem to be pushing it) that the President has already settled on an option that would send almost all the troops Gen. McChrystal has requested for Afghanistan, aides insist that Obama has not told anyone what he wants to do – and that he’s likely to continue to mull his options as he travels across Asia over the next 8 days. George Stephanopoulos, ABC News

US Allies are concerned that Obama’s dithering is undermining the White  House’s own strategy. The UK’s Daily Telegraph reports:

One British source said that the absence of a clear strategy from the US, the largest troop contributor in Afghanistan, is hampering the British Government’s attempts to maintain public support for an increasingly unpopular conflict. James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph

Rahm Emanuel isn’t helping either. On October 22nd John Hannah calls out Emanuel’s politicizing the Afghan war policy:

And when you go through all the analysis, it’s clear that basically we had a war for eight years that was going on, that’s adrift. That we’re beginning at scratch, and just from the starting point, after eight years…

And before you commit troops . . . before you make that decision, there’s a set of questions that have to have answers that have never been asked. And it’s clear after eight years of war, that’s basically starting from the beginning, and those questions never got asked. Rahm Emanual, reported by John Hannah, ForeignPolicy.com

The problem with Emanuel’s charge, Hannah reports, is that the Obama administration already conducted their own strategy review in March of this year. He puts it this way:

Remember? The one that had the president on March 27 unveiling a “comprehensive, new strategy” that “marks the conclusion of a careful policy review.” The one that had the president sending another 21,000 American troops off to war?

If true, Emanuel’s implicit accusation that basic questions were not asked in that first review would be a shocking indictment of the administration’s own competence. If untrue, Emanuel was gratuitously insulting the professionalism of his hard-working colleagues involved in the review, presumably to advance some other agenda. John Hannah, ForeignPolicy.com

The foot-dragging continues. The political name-calling continues. The McChrystal Clock keeps ticking. Meanwhile, our troops are dying. The NIP kindly suggests to the president that he quit listening to people like Emanuel and start listening to his hand-picked General Stanley A. McChrystal.

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