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Copenhagen is Only About Wealth Redistribution

Little REDD BookCOPENHAGEN: The climate summit is distributing The Little REDD Book, a guidebook outlining the UN’s role in redistribution of wealth. It has been published by the Global Canopy Program, “an alliance of 37 scientific institutions in 19 countries, which lead the world in forest canopy research, education and conservation.”  This UN guide to wealth redistribution lays out the real purpose of the environmentalist movement:

If a post-Kyoto climate agreement fails to act on avoiding tropical deforestation, the achievement of overall climate change goals will become virtually impossible. The lives and livelihoods of millions of people will be put at risk, and the eventual economic cost of combating climate change will be far higher than it needs to be.

For these reasons, the next agreement must create meaningful incentives to remunerate forest nations for the valuable climate services they provide to the world. The Little REDD Book, multiple languages here, NIP archive here.

So we get it. Big Bad USA is supposed to send money to small jungle countries to pay them to not develop land that they wouldn’t develop anyway because they don’t have the energy, brains, property rights and freedom to do so. This is silly. We have more forests in the US than most of these smaller countries combined. And we can and do plant more trees every year. So we have to send them money? The US has done more than any other country in reducing emissions. They should send us money.

The Little REDD Book is a guide to the UN negotiations on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD). REDD aims to help halt deforestation, which causes around 20% of the world’s carbon emissions – more than the entire global transport sector. In addition, the mechanism could help fight poverty while conserving biodiversity and sustaining vital ecosystem services. GCP

Chairman Mao's Version

Chairman Mao's Version

If this claim is true, we’re all for it here at the NIP. Junk Cap & Trade and start planting trees. We compliment the GCP on such a creative title for their book. We’ll watch it as it climbs the best sellers list. We wonder though what Mao’s trustees will have to say about it, since his Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book has been a big seller for some time now. We wonder if his family has sued the GCP yet for copyright infringement.

This reminds us of that line from Men in Black II: “Dennis Rodman, he’s from that planet… Rodman? You’re kidding. Not much of a disguise.”

The new Little REDD Book is not much of a disguise either. It’s just the same old communist schtick, take money from those who produce it and give it to those who don’t.  The intention is clear. They think we’re such dopes that we’ll fall for that garbage all over again. They played that song in Eastern Europe and they won’t dance to it anymore. So their band has moved to the west, and the Obama administration is giving them great air time.

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