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Senator Hutchison Misleads Texans on Her Bad Vote

MIDNIGHT VOTE IN WASHINGTON: The cockroaches come out at night, along with this Congress apparently. Many people have looked to Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison as a defender of conservatism. However her midnight vote for cloture on the healthcare bill reveals a different side of her. Apparently at night she puts on a costume like catwoman, but not in a good way.

We have lots of bad apples in both parties. But in the GOP there are three that stand apart. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Maine Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe sided with 60 Democrats to end a Republican filibuster to delay the passage of health care legislation.

Of interest to the NIP is Hutchison’s statement on Dec. 19, during an appearance on Fox News. Hutchison said, “By the time I got to the floor, they had the 60 votes.” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYMqE at 2:32.)

Check the C-SPAN footage below. Prevarication caught in the act. The clip shows that when Hutchison arrived, the 60 votes were in doubt, they were not a given. Ms. Hutchison, you had better get used to being called “Ms.” as your “Senator” days are over.

Below is a timeline of Sen. Hutchison’s vote on Dec. 18, 2009, to end the Republican filibuster:

At 1:08 a.m., Sen. Hutchison is seen arriving on the Senate floor.

At 1:09 a.m., the names of all Senators who have voted Aye are read. There are 59 names read all Democrats. Sen. Hutchison can be seen as the names are read.

At 1:10 a.m., the names of Senators who voted No are read. There are 32 names read all Republicans.

At 1:11 a.m., Sen. Hutchison steps forward to look at the voting table but does not vote. Also at 1:11 a.m., Sen. Thad Cochran votes No.

For the next two minutes, Sen. Hutchison remains visible, standing near the voting table but not voting.

At 1:14 a.m., Sen. Ron Wyden votes Aye becoming the 60th Democrat to vote Aye.

At 1:15 a.m., Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Olympia Snowe, and Sen. Hutchison stand together at the voting table. Also at 1:15 a.m., Sen. Collins votes Aye, then Sen. Snowe votes Aye. Sen. Hutchison then stands alone.

At 1:16 a.m., eight minutes after arriving on the Senate floor, Sen. Hutchison casts her vote: Aye.

Four minutes pass, and at 1:20 a.m., the final vote tally is read: 63 Yeas, 33 Nays.

C-SPAN footage of the vote is available in three parts at www.WashingtonKay.com. RickPerry.org

The NIP thinks that when and why she voted is not the issue. The main issue is that she sided with the Democrats on this monstrosity of legislation which will neither provide healthcare for all nor reduce healthcare costs. But this video demonstrates a masterful bit of prevarication and we find it newsworthy. Congratulations Senator Hutchison on your despicable performance. You and others like you doing your work in the middle of the night to avoid exposure: shameful. This Congress wants to avoid the light of day like cockroaches in a collegiate kitchen. It’s time to bring out the RAID.

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  1. Ken Whsienhunt
    December 27th, 2009 at 20:57 | #1

    We Don’t need Senators like that in or from Texas, let alone Governor. If it’s a Bad Bill, you don’t vote for it just because they have the votes. You can’t have it both ways, trying to hedge you bets./ Stand up for what is right reguardless of how it turns out !!!

  2. Wayne
    December 28th, 2009 at 07:23 | #2

    I personally had a lot of confidence in KBH and was ready to vote for her for Gov. But, this is a slap in the face. I can’t trust her now.

    Integrity; Doing what is right, even when no ones looking. I thought she had intgrity, but looks like she don’t.

  3. December 28th, 2009 at 09:05 | #3

    Amen, K.W.! I agree 100% with your response. We vote for representatives who will stand up for our rights, our best interests, and our wishes. If there is a conflict among those three things, then our rights should come 1st before best interests and wishes. If our reps don’t know what our feelings of their constituents are, then they need to find out or get out! This country won’t stand for reps who would vote against the wishes of the majority just because it hurts when their arm is twisted.

    The people of this country don’t want this bill. Not because the republicans don’t want it – BECAUSE IT’S A BAD BILL! We all agree something needs to be done, but shoving a bad bill through just because Harry, Nancy, and B.oB want it is not in the best interests of the people.

    The unconstitutionality of the bill is also in question. Every time I turn around, this administration is trying to set a precedent that would allow Congress or the Legislative Branch to control more and take away the rights of the people and it needs to stop now – With This Bill! This administration is spending more on travel and entertainment than any past administration without having to declare it. And at a time when a record number of people may never work again. We are pushing manufacturing out of the country and borrowing from the same people that are taking our jobs. What’s Up With That?

    Our representatives need to stand back and listen to what they are being told. This is not the bill we need to reform health care. But then again, it’s never really been about health care. It’s all about government control of the masses.

    December 28th, 2009 at 12:14 | #4

    KBH is a big ole RINO!

  5. John Sorrell
    December 28th, 2009 at 12:47 | #5

    I say get her out of there this next term election. Us Texans don’t need her kind representing us anywhere. She’s a liar once, she’s a liar forever.

  6. December 29th, 2009 at 01:22 | #6

    I visited your website and liked it very much. Our public officials and the media lie almost constantly, and I’m afraid most of us are so used to it we let much slide by. There is just not time to track down and refute all the lies. But to have a blog devoted to that is a big plus. I didn’t see that anyone else caught Kay Bailey Hutchison in the act of prevaricating. Terrific reporting.

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