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John Edwards Confesses He Fathered Child

RALEIGH, NC: John Edwards made an extraordinary announcement today, reversing his response to allegations surfacing during his presidential campaign. He was charged with improperly using campaign funds to pay off a staffer, Rielle Hunter, with whom he was having an affair. Previously he denied fathering a child with Rielle, and denied pressuring his staffer Andrew Young to get a doctor to fake DNA tests and take the fall for Edward’s transgression. But today he confessed.

So let’s get this straight: a man who thinks he is qualified to be president of the United States fathers a daughter out of wedlock and bribes one of his staffers to take the wrap. What kind of hubris does it take to do such a thing and think that you are still qualified to lead this country? Unfortunately this kind of arrogance is all too prevalent in today’s leadership. Here finally is Edward’s entire statement regarding his perfidy:

I am Quinn’s father. I will do everything in my power to provide her with the support she deserves. It was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me. John Edwards

That’s it? That’s all he has to say? The NIP wonders what the daughter will understand someday that will prompt her to forgive Edwards. What about asking forgiveness from the American people for trying to foist his bankrupt character upon us a worthy to be our president?

Why the reversal? ABC news reports that Andrew Young, Edwards’ former campaign aid is about to come forth in early February with a report that Young was offered a deal by Edwards to be “taken care of for life” in exchange for claiming that Young was the father. His interview on 20/20 and Nightline on Jan. 29 was set to reveal all.

The NIP thinks otherwise. The looming book release probably did not have anything to do with it.

Just like the fizzled panty bomber and the NIP article on Ashura, the timing of Edward’s announcement eerily coincides with NIP’s treatment of another philanderer earlier today. We stand by our earlier comments:

America’s politicians and the influential seem to think the rules apply to the rest of us, but not to them. Congress writes laws mandating how we must live while specifically exempting themselves. This pattern of condescending behavior continues today. Pelosi knows that America is overwhelmingly against her healthcare bill, but her thirst for power over one-sixth of the American economy cannot be quenched. Pelosi vows to pass it even in light of Brown’s victory in Massachusetts.

We think Edwards must have read our Chappaquiddick analysis and decided to come forward. That’s one politician coming clean. Let’s hope others follow suit.

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  1. Patricia
    January 23rd, 2010 at 20:03 | #1

    Yet another disgusting so-called human being who wanted to run our lives! By the way, there’s only one letter between “run” and “ruin” — and the Dumborats are experts at the letter “I”! Just listen to Obamania and count the times he uses the word “I” in a speech. Oh, and I love it when he talks about “MY administration, MY this, MY that…” Kinda leaves out the rest of the nation, including Congress! I can’t wait until he tells us about “MY island….” Let’s send him there ASAP….

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