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Letter to Joe Wilson – Thanks for Your Honesty

Honest Joe WilsonWASHINGTON: Last fall Joe Wilson got in a bit of hot water for being honest. If you witnessed Obama’s address to the joint session of Congress you’ll remember what it was like. The President called conservatives liars, over and over again. Meanwhile he did some fancy prevaricating of his own. It was just too much to take. If you were watching it live you probably stood out of your chair like we did and called him on it.

Well, it was also too much for Joe. For just a moment Wilson thought he was in the House of Commons and just spoke his mind. Out loud. Do you remember the looks on the Grand Dame Pelosi’s face? Or Harry’s scowl? Both of them being partially senile*, they had probably just forgotten how rude this same body was to George W. Bush when the former President addressed them.

Now it’s time to show our support for Congressman Wilson. The Institute sent a formal letter to his office today, notifying him of Obama’s Prevaricator of the Year™ award. Perhaps if Joe had exclaimed, “You prevaricate!” instead of using the “L” word he might not have gotten into so much trouble.

Dear Congressman Joe Wilson,

You will be interested to learn that President Obama received the 2009 Prevaricator of the Year™ from the National Institute of Prevarication in Washington DC.

We commend you for calling out Obama during the joint session of Congress last September. Apparently it was OK for him to call conservatives liars over and over during his speech, but not for you to honestly question his gratuitous assertions.

We’re sure you only take grim satisfaction in this award, as none of us take pleasure in being lied to.


The National Institute of Prevarication

Karl Munchausen, Executive Director

If you gentle readers will take a moment drop him a note, we’re sure that it will mean a lot to him. Be sure to tell Joe that the NIP has ratified his outburst last fall by awarding Obama the 2009 Prevaricator of the Year™. You can send him email using his website contact form here. If you want to drop him a hand written note, send it to his office:

Congressman Joe Wilson
212 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

*We would accuse Reid & Pelosi of dementia but that would be unfair to folks that actually suffer from the terrible affliction.

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  1. Joe French
    January 5th, 2010 at 20:41 | #1

    I just sent Joe Wilson a thank you note. When will enough of our leaders stand up for us, the people that pay their salaries?

  2. Deborah Gonzalez
    January 6th, 2010 at 07:01 | #2

    Congressman Wilson,

    I am so thankful that at least one of our elected representatives has the fortitude to speak the truth in adversarial circumstances. This country has lost its way and we need people like you that will stand for principle, integrity, and accountability.

    Thank you,

    Respectfully, American Patriot, Deborah Gonzalez

  3. Deborah Pingley
    January 6th, 2010 at 16:30 | #3

    THANK YOU !!!! We need more people like you !!!!! May God Bless you and your family.

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