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$383,000 Stimulus Spent at Hollywood Spa for Georgia Teachers

Your Stimulus $$ at Work, Vacations for Teachers

DEKALB GA: Georgia teachers this week are staying at the posh Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and Spa for an educator’s conference. Those in attendance from the Dekalb school district include 39 principals, 32 assistant principals, 45 teachers, 50 reading and math coaches, and 20 central office staff. Remember that the Dekalb contingent is just a small part of the national conference attendees. Georgia school district tax payers don’t have to worry though– they are off the hook. This trip is being paid for by Obama stimulus funds.

Stimulus money from Washington is often discussed in terms of “shovel ready,” designated for construction projects that are supposed to create jobs for unemployed Americans.

But the DeKalb County School System has decided to use stimulus money to attend a four-day conference sponsored by America’s Choice, which a schools spokesman calls “a great thing.”…

[Schools spokesman Dale] Davis said the school system will spend $91,500 for conference registrations and another $291,400 for hotels, flights, meals and incidentals. That’s a total of $382,900 in federal tax money. In an email, Davis wrote, “I am happy that you are expressing interesting in this training opportunity for our employees. We are focused on student improvement. America’s Choice is in partnership with the district to help improve the academic success in 40 of our lowest performing schools.” Atlanta WSBRadio

So the school district couldn’t fit them into a gym for an assembly? This is the type of fraud you can expect when you give Congress a credit card with no spending limits. Oh wait… Congress does have a spending limit: $12.394 trillion. But they decided it wasn’t high enough and just gave themselves a $1.9 trillion credit line increase, bringing their limit to $14.3 trillion.

Congress needs to take your money so they can give to folks that will vote for them, and that certainly includes teachers. When they run out of your money, they’ll spend your children’s money, and then your grandchildren’s, all in order to pay back those who got them elected, and you are letting them do it.

Unions contributed approximately $68 million to Democrats during the 2008 election, as opposed to $6.5 million to Republicans, a ten-fold increase.

Does it strike you strange that public employees should even be allowed to have unions? Ronald Reagan broke the back of the striking air traffic controllers when they threatened the nation’s transportation grid. Public employees’ jobs are entirely paid for by taxing the private sector. Their union lobbyists are now threatening the integrity of our electoral process.

So let’s get this straight: public employees get all of their income from taxing the private sector. Using our tax money, they hire lobbyists to get even more tax money, and we are letting them get away with it.

More Union Members in Public Sector than PrivateAccording to 2009 Department of Labor statistics there was a total of 15.3 million labor union members in 2009. Of those union members, 52% work in the public sector. Of all workers in the US only 7.2% of the private sector are unionized, as opposed to 38.1% of public sector employees. The largest union? School teachers. The 2nd largest? SEIU, with the largest number of their members working for the government.

After working so hard and spending so much to elect a democratic administration, the teachers union figure they deserve some R & R. $383,000 is just a small payback for the millions they spent electing their representatives.

While the private sector is limping along, and while unemployment exceeds 10%, hard-earned tax dollars are being sucked out of the private marketplace where they could create jobs. No worries though for public workers, they are experiencing a boom:

For most Americans, the Great Recession has been an occasion to hold on for dear life. For public employees, it’s been an occasion to let the good times roll.   [Emphasis added.]

The percentage of federal civil servants making more than $100,000 a year jumped from 14 percent to 19 percent during the first year and a half of the recession, according to USA Today. At the beginning of the downturn, the Transportation Department had one person making $170,000 or more a year; now it has 1,690 making that.

The New York Times reports that state and local governments have added a net 110,000 jobs since the beginning of the recession, while the private sector has lost 6.9 million. Real Clear Politics

We are sure the teachers had a great time at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa, and they insist it was worth it. However, long after the hot tubs have cooled and the bubbly has fizzled, our children and grandchildren will be struggling to pay off the bill.

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  1. BklynBabe
    April 28th, 2010 at 18:48 | #1

    you’re upset that teachers were pampered for a whole day??

    We are sure the teachers had a great time at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa, and they DESERVED it.

    The people who actually educate, and yes, sometimes raise, other people’s kids, for pay that is truly sorry in proportion to what they do, deserve some of my tax money.

    I’m still trying to figure out who decided years and years ago that ball players, CEOs, actors, and Congress deserved more than teachers, police, and firefighters….

    This world is a mess. I wish I could send all teachers to a spa and thank them for working so hard for my child and for a pittance.

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