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Massa vs. Bunning, Weasel vs. Warrior

Weasel Eric Massa vs. Warrior Jim Bunning

Weasel Eric Massa vs. Warrior Jim Bunning

WASHINGTON: The balance of health care reform lies in the hands of weasels. Case in point, former Rep. Eric Massa is claiming that he alone wielded the decisive vote in the House on pending health care legislation, and now he has been forced out of Congress by the White House in order to shore up support for passage of the bill.

An initial gut reaction to Massa’s claim is that the White House will stop at nothing in order to ram rod legislation that will fundamentally change this country, even if it means destroying a congressman’s career. It is true that to date there have been promises made, bribes taken and bullying employed to secure votes for socialist style health care reform. But if we turn a light onto the players of this debate, regardless of which side they favor, we find a house full of cockroaches scurrying for a dark crevice to hide within. Few in Congress are untainted by the corruption that exists there.

This is not to say that courage and honor do not exist in Washington, but their manifestations are rare, and when they do present themselves, the person exhibiting these attributes is denigrated and vilified. Senator Jim Bunning’s recent actions in the Senate are a fantastic example of legislative courage. Senator Bunning stuck to his ground opposing unfunded mandates by blocking a $10 billion spending bill. The media was quick to react though. Instead of reporting on the “Pay-Go” law that Democrats passed and President Obama signed, news outlets screamed that the unemployed would suffer at the hands of a single senator.

Eric Massa might believe that he is exercising political courage by exposing the coercive tactics employed against him that ended in his resignation. But is it courage, or is it the last gasps of a dying politician? Massa implies that the White House and the congressional leadership are behind a house ethics probe that involves Massa. The basis of the investigation involves an inappropriate remark made by Massa to a staffer, to which Massa fully admits. If Eric Massa possessed any form of political courage and honor, would he not fight to retain his House seat? The NIP believes there is more to this story than Massa is letting onto and facts revealed later may tell a different story. But for the time being it appears Massa is guilty of more than just an inappropriate remark, otherwise Massa would not have given up so easily.

The point being made here is that we pin our hopes on men and women, trusting that they will have the strength to go to battle in the ideological war taking place in the nations capital. Only to have these hopes dashed to pieces because these same men and women turn out to be weasels, not warriors, incapable of defending themselves much less the American people.

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  1. March 21st, 2010 at 13:57 | #1

    As a member of PETA I take offense at this article. Calling Massa a “weasel” defames a lovable, cuddly species. Isn’t there some other slur you could use, perhaps relating to the human digestive tract?

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