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Canadians Importing US-style Prevarication

Rahim Jaffer US-style Prevaricator

Rahim Jaffer, US-style Prevaricator

TORONTO: The US may be importing Canadian-style healthcare from our friendly neighbors to the north, but it’s nice to know it’s not a one-way street. It appears now that Canadians are importing US-style prevarication in their normal course of doing business. For us here in the US who may not be familiar with Rahim Jaffer the NIP will try to lay out the basics.

Rahim Jaffer was the first Muslim elected to the Canadian Parliament, serving from 1997 to 2008. After his defeat in the hotly contested 2008 election Jaffer reinvented himself as the “access point” for Canadian government money. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Jaffer purported that doors for government money “were wide open to him”:

Two businessmen who heard Rahim Jaffer speak last August at a Toronto-area restaurant believed the former MP would be their connection to millions of dollars in government grants.

The men, who spoke to the CBC on condition of anonymity, said they were lured to the Aug. 25 meeting by an email that boasted: “Rahim Jaffer, who is the Canadian government money access point for us, will be in attendance.”

“We left with the impression Jaffer was the source of funding,” said the president of one company who pitched to Jaffer and his business colleague Nazim Gillani, the author of the email and the organizer of the meeting…

The two businessmen say they were presented with Jaffer’s business card, which indicated he was an MP, and his address was Centre Block at the House of Commons. Jaffer had lost his seat a year earlier. John Nicol and Dave Seglins, CBC News

Jaffer apparently has been studying the US stimulus boondoggle. He co-founded a company that pitched whopper-sized projects to the Canadian government, including a proposed $480-million “shovel-ready” and waste disposal project, looking for $100 million in government funds.

Wednesday Jaffer was grilled by a parliamentary committee and denied everything:

Jaffer’s story, the one he’s sticking to, sounds like this. None of his meetings with cabinet ministers led to any federal contract or financial benefit. Despite considerable contrary evidence, he didn’t lobby on anyone’s behalf, circulate a business card suggesting he was still an MP after his 2008 election defeat, or use his wife’s office to advance his interests. And entrepreneur Nazim Gillani’s claim that the former politician promised to open doors in the Prime Minister’s office was just “puffery.” James Travers, Toronto Star

Jaffer’s testimony alludes to the business card obtained by the CBC during their investigation. Maybe what Jaffer meant to say was that he didn’t lobby on anyone’s behalf, he just pretended to in order to get their money. At any rate he says he’s not guilty since he wasn’t successful in obtaining government funds. “Your honor, you’re right, I did try to rob the bank, but the vault was empty.”

We heard that Sharia Law demands that those who steal have their hands cut off. We wonder what is the penalty for lying? Our guess is that if a Muslim is caught lying to infidels he gets bonus points instead of a penalty.

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