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One More Doctor Quitting Practice Due to Obamacare

Dr. Joseph Scherzer Says Obamacare Will Force Him to Close ShopSCOTTSDALE, AZ: Dr. Joseph M. Scherzer has informed his patients that unless Obamacare is repealed he will no longer to be able to treat them. He reports that the stress of the new requirements will force him and many of his colleagues to retire early or simply quit practice.

Scherzer said the bill’s emphasis on punitive measures for physicians not following government-prescribed treatment methods under Medicare would increase his anxiety level to the point he would no longer be able to practice medicine. The maximum fine was previously $10,000; under the bill it will now be capped at $50,000. Scherzer said the fine system makes seeing a Medicare patients a difficult and stressful exercise.

“Doctors have actually committed suicide over these things. There’s no insurance to cover it,” Scherzer said, calling the fine system “tremendously complicated and Frankensteinian.” “It’s absolutely impossible to be certain you’ve complied. I feel like when I see a Medicare patient I have the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head.”

Gautham Nagesh, The Daily Caller

Dr. Scherzer reported his experience with Medicare to Neil Cavuto on Fox this afternoon. He said that when Medicare become so unmanageable he discontinued taking Medicare. As a result he lost 90% of his Medicare patients. It is his experience that unless a patient has insurance he will not be able to be treated, so going to a cash basis with his practice once Obamacare goes into effect will not be an option.

What will the government do when more and more doctors leave their practices? There are not enough doctors now and throwing 30 million more patients into the system won’t make it any better. Is it Obama’s plan to force the doctors to practice medicine?  Maybe that’s why he says he needs a national police force.

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  1. Etaoin Shrdlu
    April 16th, 2010 at 01:05 | #1

    Sounds like a good story, and that’s all it is: an almost completely fabricated story (by the “good” doctor). The $50,000 fine is imposed for FRAUD. For example if a doctor receives an overpayment because of a false statement, and knows it, and doesn’t report it and return the money, THEN the doctor will be penalized “$50,000 for each
    false statement or misrepresentation of a material

    So, if this fine for FRAUD is what the doctor means when he talks about “punitive measures for physicians not following government-prescribed treatment methods”, one can only wonder how he practices medicine!

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