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These Republicans Want to Sew a 51st Star On Our Flag

Puerto Rico Becoming our 51st Star?

Puerto Rico Becoming our 51st Star?

WASHINGTON: Last Thursday was like any other recent Thursday in Washington, Congress was up to no good. In case you missed it the House voted in favor of HR 2499, a stealth resolution to help the Democrats cement their power in Congress. It purportedly gave Puerto Rico the right to petition for statehood, a right they already had. Puerto Ricans have exercised that right twice already. They have held two public referendums which both declined statehood.

HR 2499’s real purpose was to force statehood onto the territory in order to give 2 more Senate seats and 6 more House seats to the Democrats. Regular readers of the NIP are already well informed. Jim Simpson laid out the details in an excellent analysis in his column on Thursday. We understand that many of our Congressmen have trouble with reading comprehension, that’s why they don’t read the bills. With them in mind we put up Glenn Beck’s video tutorial on the subject. Apparently too many Congressmen still didn’t understand what is at stake because the bill passed on Thursday.

We of course expected the Democrats to vote in lockstep for this power grab, but we were surprised that it was the Republicans who put it over the top. Without support from 39 Republicans this bill was doomed.

We here at the NIP have already identified House and Senate members who voted Obamacare with our Countdown to Take Back America which you see at the right. Basically it includes all of the Democrats and the Republicans who joined them to pass socialized medicine. Now it’s time to add to the list the Republican House members who voted in favor of HR 2499. It’s our thanks to them for betraying their party and the rest of America as well.

These Republicans should have stood up for the truth instead of caving in to the Democrat’s quest for power. There was already a path to statehood Puerto Rico could follow. These Representatives are either not regular readers of the NIP or they didn’t read the bill. In our minds either condition presents an excellent reason to send them packing. Let’s send these 39 to Cuba where they might be able to do some good.

39 Republicans Voting for HR 2499
Bartlett (R, MD-06)
Biggert (R, IL-13)
Blackburn (R, TN-07)
Brown-Waite (R, FL-05)
Buchanan (R, FL-13)
Burton (R, IN-05)
Buyer (R, IN-04)
Campbell (R, CA-48)
Cantor (R, VA-07)
Cao (R, LA-02)
Castle (R, DE-00)
Coffman (R, CO-06)
Cole (R, OK-04)
Crenshaw (R, FL-04)
Dent (R, PA-15)
Diaz-Balart (R, FL-21)
Diaz-Balart (R, FL-25)
Ehlers (R, MI-03)
Flake (R, AZ-06
Frelinghuysen (R, NJ-11)
Hensarling (R, TX-05)
Issa (R, CA-49)
King (R, NY-03)
Kirk (R, IL-10)
Kline (R, MN-02)
Lungren (R, CA-03)
Mack (R, FL-14)
McCarthy (R, CA-22)
Mica (R, FL-07)
Murphy (R, PA-18)
Pence (R, IN-06)
Posey (R, FL-15)
Putnam (R, FL-12)
Reichert (R, WA-08)
Ros-Lehtinen (R, FL-18)
Schock (R, IL-18)
Thompson (R, PA-05)
Walden (R, OR-02)
Young (R, AK-00)
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