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How Demo-crats are Hijacking America

It’s all about demographics. “Demos” are used every day to sell detergent, cars, hamburgers, clothing, and basically everything Americans consume. If you’ve bought anything online lately you’ve likely been asked to participate in a survey supposedly rating their service, “to make sure we perform to your satisfaction.” But more times than not there are questions regarding your lifestyle, age, sex, etc. This data is collected by the merchant to help them understand who their market really is and that is of value to their marketing department as they strategize how to win market share.

2008 Presidential Election MapThe Democrats have also done their own research and figured out who their “clients” are, where they live, and the issues that are their hot buttons. For them, it is simple, really. The Democratic constituents live in the big cities. Click on the 2008 presidential election map from the Washington Post and you’ll see it was the big cities that put Obama on the map.

If you added up the land mass of every blue and red county you’d see something really striking—the Republicans won 80 percent of this country, when measured by acreage. John McCain got a majority of votes in 2,417,000 square miles of the United States. Barack Obama, by comparison, won in just 580,000 square miles.

Ah, but now let’s look at the population numbers for each county. McCain still came out ahead, but not by much. The total population of counties won by Republicans was 143 million, while the population of counties won by Democrats was 127 million.

Basically, the Democrats swept the populations centers—the cities and more populated suburban areas—while the Republicans won everything else. Chip Wood, Personal Liberty Digest

So how did the Democrats win the big cities? Simple. By identifying the key issues of importance to their constituents. The “have-nots” in those cities are interested in handouts. Give them money and you win their votes. But you can’t win an election only with the have-nots. You need the monied and educated class. The “haves” in those cities are interested in the environment.

It’s easy to sell the “haves” on environmental issues. Most Americans have little contact with pollution. Much of our country is sparsely inhabited where pollution is non-existant, but the voters live in the big cities which they themselves pollute as these two maps from Pollution Scorecard illustrate:

Air Pollution Map of USAir Pollution Map of US Chemical Pollution Map of USChemical Pollution Map of US

By giving more electoral votes to the cities where Demo-crats control the “Demos,” the outcome is certain. Just like retailers know exactly what to offer their customers and control their market, the Democrats know how to control the election. If the rest of the country is interested in avoiding Democratic despotism they better get involved in the political process in a profound and persistent manner. It’s going to take more than laundry detergent to clean up this mess.

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