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Democrats, Union Workers, Communists Rally in DC

Apathetic Astro Turfers Meet in Washington

Apathetic Astro Turfers Meet in Washington

EL MARCO, Washington DC:

Unmotivated, Lethargic Astroturfers Trash the Nation’s Capital

The lines between the Democratic Party, labor unions, socialist and communist organizations, were blurred at the One Nation Working Together rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday. It was organized by One Nation Working Together, which is headed by the cream of the Democratic Party.

National Campaign Manager of One Nation Working Together, Leah Daughtry, was CEO and top organizer of the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado where Barack Obama was nominated to be the parties candidate for president.

No Shortage of $ for Expensive Signs

No Shortage of Funds for Expensive Signs

Many of the top organizers have been Democratic candidates for office, or work for Obama for America.

The page on the National Education Association’s website inviting its members to travel to the rally quotes its president: “NEA is proud to be standing with our brothers and sisters in the labor and social justice movement …”

Editors Note: NIP readers need to read the whole story at LookingAttheLeft.com to get the facts on this rally.

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