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King Street Patriots Smeared for Revealing Voter Fraud

Babe HuggettBABE HUGGETT: Taking their civic duty as concerned American citizens seriously, the King Street Patriots organization with their True the Vote poll watchers, are under growing local, regional and national assault by Democratic and leftist-liberal smear machines for daring to expose massive voter fraud especially within the minority communities in Harris County, TX.

Democrats Love Voter FraudThe biggest attack came directly from the Obama Administration’s oxymoronic Department of Justice in response to a letter sent by the King Street Patriots alerting the department of what they had found. Instead of thanking the group for exposing how the Democratic party is blatantly using black communities centered around Houston as tools to commit voter fraud, the DOJ is suing the King Street Patriots for “voter intimidation” based solely on trumped-up accusations coming from outraged democratic operatives complaining that they find the mere presence of the poll watchers, many of whom are elderly women, “threatening”.

The accusations are specious but have now provided a jumping off point for left leaning news and opinion outlets to attack the King Street Patriots organization as a racist group with suspect funding. The local ABC affiliate, Channel 13, even speculated on their evening news broadcast that the King Street Patriots would soon be facing jail time. Democratic congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee, whose 18th congressional district polling places are not used to actual scrutiny, demanded and got the King Street Patriot’s financial records in order to somehow expose the locally-funded-through-private-citizen donation group as being ban rolled by some imagined billionaire with an agenda much like leftist organizations themselves are funded by the likes of a George Soros , Ted Turner, or Stephen Rockefeller.

Catherine Engelbrecht, head of the King Street Patriots, said, “I was just in stunned disbelief that a station I grew up watching would take a completely fallacious statement as damaging as “going to jail” is and broadcast it with abandon. Where’s the accountability?”

The NAACP has also joined in on this latest example of leftist psychological warfare with the following statement from their, Co-Director of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund Political Participation Group, Kristen Clarke, who stated that “There doesn’t seem to be a color blind approach to many of these so called ballot integrity efforts and poll watching initiatives that are underway. The reports that we are hearing about are very troubling…largely assigned to monitor African American and Latino voters.”

The online Mother Jones website is following the national leftist trend of “Voter fraud, what voter fraud?” by dismissing the King Street Patriots’ verified evidence. In the Mother Jones article, Has Voter Intimidation Already Begun? Mother Jones intimates that the King Street Patriots is manufacturing hysteria and that there is little if any cause for concern on the right but the left has to worry about voters being scared away at the polls. ( http://motherjones.com/mojo/2010/10/has-voter-intimidation-already-begun )

Talking Point Memo/TPMMuckracker reports that racist emails are being sent out in the name of Kings Street Patriot and that a site called Press (Talk88) has reproduced what they claim is one of those emails forwarded to them from TPM. Stylistically, the barely literate rantings are more indicative of what one finds at the Daily KOS or Democratic Underground and the King Street Patriots are shocked but not surprised at the calumny.

“It’s outrageous. “ stated Catherine Engelbrecht as she called TPM‘s libelous bluff. “We believe these emails to be a complete fabrication and if they have those emails, let’s see them. Until they produce them, they have NO basis for their story and need to retract it.”

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