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Senate Undermines Missile Defense, Ratifies New START Treaty

US Anti-ballistic Workers About to Be Laid Off

US Anti-ballistic Workers to Be Laid Off

MOSCOW: Russia rejoiced today as the US Senate abandoned its duty to protect the interests of the United States by ratifying the New START Treaty:

“We have to give credit to Barack Obama and his team, who exerted such momentous efforts to ensure START ratification in the Senate. Along with Democrat senators, they managed to secure its inclusion in the agenda of the so-called “lame duck session”. And still, the fate of the document was far from certain just a few days ago. Amid the consequent fierce debate, the Republicans started to issue amendments, which could have virtually buried the treaty. Among them was the proposal to withdraw a paragraph concerning links between strategic offensive and defensive weapons. The Voice of Russia

For the first time in US history this lame duck session of Congress ratified a major international treaty. US citizens have overwhelmingly rejected the authority of this Congress in the last election, they should have no authority to bind the US into any treaty, much less one of this magnitude. Proponents say the treaty will make the world a safer place. We disagree. Here are the basic problems in a nutshell:

  • Treaty limits US ability to research and deploy defensive weapons
  • US has already won the Arms race, we have no need to negotiate with the Russians
  • Treaty elevates Russia to superpower status
  • Treaty does not address Russia’s tactical nuclear weapon superiorty, 10x that of US
  • Verification procedures inadequate
  • Treaty exposes Europe to Russian and Iranian threats
  • Treaty outlaws protection against rogue state missiles, the real 21st century threat

Obama’s letter to the Senate regarding the continued viability of missile defense has as much enforceability as a letter from your grandmother. We understand Russia’s interest in passage of this treaty. After all, the development of an effective nuclear shield would undermine its sales of nuclear materials and technology to Iran. Russia applauded Obama’s cancellation of the Poland’s missile shield shortly after taking office.

If you think you are safer now with the Republicans surge in the last election, just look at this list of Republican defectors:

Ten of the 13 Republican senators who voted yes will be back next year: Lamar Alexander, Scott Brown, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Johnny Isakson, Mike Johanns, Richard Lugar, Lisa Murkowski and Olympia Snowe. Washington Post

The question you should be asking yourself is,  “Why did 71 Senators endorse a treaty that prevents the US from developing a missile shield that would render ballistic nuclear weapons useless?” Find the answer to that question and you probably won’t like the answer.

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