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Is the Looming Government Shutdown a Precursor to Anarchy?

James SimpsonJAMES SIMPSON: As the battle of the budget wages on, and the March 4th D-Day moves inexorably closer, and with the Continuing Resolution passed in the House of Representatives early this morning, including two amendments by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) to defund Obamacare, the media is increasingly raising the specter of a possible government shutdown. What every Republican, every patriot, every person conceivably affected needs to understand is how this will impact average Americans.

Will airports shut down because air traffic controllers have gone on leave? Will those mean Republicans throw granny out in the street when Social Security stops sending payments? Will everyone who receives checks in the mail see their income dry up because the Post Office shuts down?

Will welfare mothers have to feed their children cat food?

The Democrats will tell you that and more. A Google search of “government shutdown” brings up pages describing dire consequences. But if you follow the links you will see that this is more a reflection of leftist web domination than anything else.

The greatest consequence of a government shutdown will be the Democrat-generated media hysteria we will have to put up with unless/until they get their way. They will demagogue at every opportunity, describing fantastic scenes of nationwide anarchy. They will do what they always do, about the only thing they do well, and in fact have already begun doing:

They will lie.

President Obama almost immediately threatened that Social Security checks would stop coming.

He lied.

Think Progress, the archetypical radical left propaganda rag, interviewed freshman Republican Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), who pooh poohed worries about a government shutdown. They didn’t ask him to qualify, but later attempted to discredit his message:

Kelly’s assertions are simply not true. One need look no further than the federal government shutdown of 1995 for proof. During the nearly four-week shutdown, Social Security checks were not mailed and Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements were disrupted.

They lie.

The whole article is a carefully constructed deception—an echo chamber for Democrat demagoguery. Follow the links. They’re hoping you won’t.

The first link goes to a Wikipedia entry that describes the 1995 shutdown. No mention of social security checks. The second goes to an article at Talking Points Memo, the hard left smear site. It simply quotes more Democrats, like Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Reich and Donna Shalala, then HHS Secretary. She said,

“It was a mess, frankly, and devastating to the civil service… It seems to me it’s un-American…”

Devastating to the civil service…

I find that telling. Her biggest concern is the impact on… government. And what a joke. We are talking about two shutdowns here, one of five days and another of three weeks—merely a long vacation for most government bureaucrats.

Un-American? Well, she should know.

According to TPM, Shalala provided a list of payments that would stop: “Social Security checks, Medicare reimbursements…welfare checks to the state, Medicaid checks to the state.”

She lied.

Republicans also must pound the airwaves with reminders that a government shutdown would be due entirely to Democrat intransigence. Republicans are merely trying to keep their pledge to the American people, who in November of 2010 sent an unmistakable message to the Democrats: knock it off!

This is a critical juncture in our Nation’s history. Republicans must demonstrate some intestinal fortitude for a change. A few days ago, I posted an article demanding that Speaker Boehner put up or shut up by allowing amendments to the Continuing Resolution currently under consideration that would defund Obamacare. Given that the bill passed the House with such provisions, it appears he decided to put up. There are now a number of amendments that have been successfully attached to the CR that will accomplish that goal.

Speaker Boehner and House Republicans, you have the voters on your side, you have the facts on your side, and never in our history has it been more important for you to take a principled stand. Do not back down in the face of the Democrats’ government shutdown threats. We don’t want that, but if Democrats insist on continuing to trash our country, I say, “bring it on!”

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