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US Betrays England and Gives Russia British Trident Numbers

US Gives Russia British Trident NumbersWASHINGTON: Further evidence of the perfidy of this administration comes to us from WikiLeaks. Apparently the State Department’s quest to “reset” relations with Russia comes at the expense of our ally, Great Britain:

Recent newspaper reports bring to our attention an intriguing WikiLeaks revelation of US-Russian agreements as part of the New START treaty. The agreement, according to diplomatic cables released by the whistleblowers’ website, detailed plans for the Obama Administration to reveal to the Russians the serial numbers of all Trident D5 missiles which the United States provide to Britain.

The issue here lays in the policy which Britain pursues with regard to its nuclear forces. The policy relies on ambiguity: officials never disclose the exact numbers of the nuclear arsenal that is held by Britain. One can well imagine why this was part of the New START process as part of its raison d’être is the reduction of delivery vehicles used by both Russia and the United States. By also disclosing the number of American supplied British delivery vehicles, the Obama Administration is making sure to gain Russia’s trust. Atlantic Sentinel

The NIP has withheld judgement of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, but now we are thinking that disclosures of this type can only help shine light on the corruption of this administration and hasten the day when true reform can take place with elections in 2012. Consider the slights Obama has given to Great Britain:

  • The first act of President Obama was to send back the bust of Winston Churchill that had formerly been prominently displayed in the White House.
  • President Obama visits England and gives the Queen and iPod as a gift. What’s on the iPod? Obama’s speeches.
  • Many British pensioners depend on BP dividends for their retirement. President Obama decimated BP dividends when he attacked BP during his mishandling of the Gulf crisis.
  • Now the Obama administration sold out the Brits to curry favor with the Russians.

It is a fact that Obama’s Marxist father inculcated Barack with a hatred of the British, but this is a sentiment that diametrically opposes the feelings of the vast majority of Americans. In fact, 71% of Americans have a mainly positive view of Great Britain.

The NIP has warned about the folly of the New START Treaty. Now how do you feel about New START, knowing the cost of this travesty of a treaty is the betrayal of England?

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