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Obama Admits: I’m Not an American, I Was Born in Kenya

Today we received the following links from one of our loyal readers. The NIP has a question regarding these videos. Either they are genuine or one or both of them is bogus. Suppose they are both genuine. If Obama admits he is not an American and was born in Kenya, what does his statement reveal about the depth of his understanding of the US Constitution? Perhaps Article 2, Section 1, is what he means by the Constitution being a “flawed document.”

On the other hand, the NIP believes that the first video is highly edited and is most likely fraudulent. The second video could be also viewed in a different context. Both videos makes one wonder why the President doesn’t release his birth records to clear this up once and for all. How hard would that be? Could it be that Obama wants this controversy to continue in order to discredit his opponents? What are we missing? Is this controversy meant to serve as a red herring to divert our attention to more weighty matters, like the “transformation” of America?

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