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You Didn’t Build That Business: On Obama’s Walkback

Conservatives have gleefully made Obama eat his words about small business owners not building their own businesses. Now Obama is playing damage control by attempting to walk back his statement. He might as well try to walk back his quote to Joe the Plummer, about “spreading the wealth around.” The prevarication here lies in Obama’s attempt to characterize his opponent’s exposé as taking his words “out of context”. Our analysts at the NIP have been working overtime to bring you the facts. First the original clip:

Now here is Obama’s attempt to walk this back:

In this video Obama asserts that his comments were taken out of context. I would not be too sure about that. Indeed his original sentiments echo a commonly held liberal position recently espoused by Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren:

Political demagoguery seems to be the ruling order of the day. In contrast, Charles Krauthammer refutes the liberal philosophy that underlies the supposition behind Obama’s original statement and Elizabeth Warren’s position. It is worth a read: Did the State Make You Great?

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