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King Street Patriots Fight Voter Fraud Nationally

November 1st, 2010 No comments

Babe HuggettBABE HUGGETT (Reporting from Houston): Lost in all the liberal-left/media smear machine tactics aimed at Houston’s King Street Patriots for uncovering blatant Democratic Party voter fraud within minority communities in Harris County is the fact that the King Street Patriots developed an initiative called True the Vote dedicated to ensuring that elections are free and fair.

True the Vote’s initiative game plan is to get concerned citizens actively involved in the election process to combat voter fraud. While fraudulent votes are a main worry anywhere, unwatched polls, corrupted judges and clerks are also a main, but underreported, venue for fraud. The True the Vote initiative provides resources, instructions and the training to ensure that those Americans concerned enough to get actively involved in the election process, know their legal requirements and rights at the polling place.

Watching the voter fraud occurring in minority communities and hearing the horror stories of poll watcher witnesses, it is becoming rapidly apparent to this reporter that the majority of the judges and clerks within these communities in question have partisan ties to the Democratic Party. Read more…

Democratic Voter Fraud in Full Swing

November 1st, 2010 No comments

Voter Fraud in Full SwingAs the NIP has reported the Democrats have a long history of relying on voter fraud, and we expect this election to dramatically escalate.  Earlier this year after a whistleblower reported possible electronic manipulation 10,000 voting machines burned up in a warehouse in Texas before they could be examined.

In the 2008 election 43,000 false registrations were manufactured by ACORN enabling Al Franken to win by only 225 votes, thereby giving control of the Senate to Democrats and paving the way to socialist takeover of American healthcare.

Already in this election we are seeing signs of massive voter fraud across the country. In South Carolina a voter reported that even with election staff assistance his 4 attempts to vote straight Republican resulted in a straight Democratic ticket:

Sam Laughinghouse of New Bern said he pushed the button to vote Republican in all races, but the voting machine screen displayed a ballot with all Democrats checked. He cleared the screen and tried again with the same result, he said. Then he asked for and received help from election staff.

“They pushed it twice and the same thing happened,” Laughinghouse said. “That was four times in a row. The fifth time they pushed it and the Republicans came up and I voted.” P. Christine Smith, Sun Journal

Las Vegas voters are discovering that local election officials have made their voting easier by having Harry Reid’s name pre-selected: Read more…

King Street Patriots Smeared for Revealing Voter Fraud

October 30th, 2010 No comments

Babe HuggettBABE HUGGETT: Taking their civic duty as concerned American citizens seriously, the King Street Patriots organization with their True the Vote poll watchers, are under growing local, regional and national assault by Democratic and leftist-liberal smear machines for daring to expose massive voter fraud especially within the minority communities in Harris County, TX.

Democrats Love Voter FraudThe biggest attack came directly from the Obama Administration’s oxymoronic Department of Justice in response to a letter sent by the King Street Patriots alerting the department of what they had found. Instead of thanking the group for exposing how the Democratic party is blatantly using black communities centered around Houston as tools to commit voter fraud, the DOJ is suing the King Street Patriots for “voter intimidation” based solely on trumped-up accusations coming from outraged democratic operatives complaining that they find the mere presence of the poll watchers, many of whom are elderly women, “threatening”.

The accusations are specious but have now provided a jumping off point for left leaning news and opinion outlets to attack the King Street Patriots organization as a racist group with suspect funding. The local ABC affiliate, Channel 13, even speculated on their evening news broadcast that the King Street Patriots would soon be facing jail time. Democratic congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee, whose 18th congressional district polling places are not used to actual scrutiny, demanded and got the King Street Patriot’s financial records in order to somehow expose the locally-funded-through-private-citizen donation group as being ban rolled by some imagined billionaire with an agenda much like leftist organizations themselves are funded by the likes of a George Soros , Ted Turner, or Stephen Rockefeller.

Catherine Engelbrecht, head of the King Street Patriots, said, “I was just in stunned disbelief that a station I grew up watching would take a completely fallacious statement as damaging as “going to jail” is and broadcast it with abandon. Where’s the accountability?”
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Voter Registration Fraud Threatens Our Republic

January 12th, 2010 No comments

James SimpsonJAMES SIMPSON: In a recent article we discussed the possibility that Democrats will introduce universal voter registration (UVR) legislation this year, and offered that as an explanation for their seeming carelessness in the face of plummeting poll numbers. John Fund of the Wall Street Journal was quoted in the article as asserting that UVR will open the nation up to massive vote fraud. The reasons are straightforward and many: 1. registering people using existing government databases will result in many duplicates; 2. many of the lists contain names of illegal immigrants; 3. the list could be expanded to include felons currently ineligible to vote.

The notion of universal voter registration has been, like most leftist agenda items, a long time in the making, but flying beneath the radar for all but those paying close attention. As a result, most of us are behind the curve. The left can thus present universal voter registration as a much-needed “reform,” with talking points and ready answers to objections all lined up, while the rest of us struggle to assess the damage it will do. But it will do damage, potentially permanent damage to our representative republic.

Most of the calls for UVR cite the fact that about 30 percent of eligible voters remain unregistered. (In the last election cycle 29 percent were not registered.) The radical left Nation magazine effuses:

It doesn’t have to be this way. Registration rates in other countries frequently run upwards of 90 percent (both Canada and France hit that mark, for example, while Venezuela stands at roughly 94 percent, and Russia about 97).

Venezuela and Russia. How has voter registration worked out for them? Not exactly the role models for democracy if you ask me, but then for the folks at Nation, they’re all of a piece. Just ask Bill Ayers.

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King Street Patriots Sue Democratic Party

November 18th, 2010 No comments

Babe HuggettCatherine EngelbrechtBABE HUGGETT: Not willing to be victimized or intimidated by a spurious lawsuit claiming failure to register as a political corporation, reveal non-existent prohibited corporate campaign contributions along with its equally non-existent donor list brought against them by the Texas Democratic Party, the non-profit, 501(c)(4) organization, citizen-volunteer and citizen funded King Street Patriots, led by Catherine Engelbrecht, filed a countersuit in Austin on Monday, November 15 claiming defamation and requesting that those parts of the Texas election code restricting free speech be ruled unconstitutional.

The Democratic Party’s vehemence was triggered by the King Street Patriots’ dedicated uncovering of voter fraud on the rolls and its non-partisan True the Vote initiative, which seeks to assure fair and free elections for voters of all political parties through education and training of poll watchers and poll workers to look out for additional voter fraud at the polls.

True the VoteSome of the election abuses uncovered and documented by the King Street Patriots have included multiple voter registrations, non-citizen voter registrations, fraudulent voter information, forged voter signatures, election officials verbally bullying voters to either change their ballot choices or vote a straight Democratic ticket up to and including actually manipulating the voting machines for the voters and elected officials, like Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, campaigning directly outside polling places. Other documented Democratic Party member abuses include a lunatic minister and a self-proclaimed leader of the New Black Panthers along with his henchmen entering polling places to verbally and physically intimidate poll watchers.

The Democratic Party is joined by two front groups in a lawsuit and an ethics complaint against Catherine Engelbrecht and the King Street Patriots. The two groups are Texans for Public Justice and Texans Together Education Fund. Both groups receive their money from the Open Society Institute (OSI). OSI was founded in 1993 by George Soros to “Build Vibrant & Tolerant Democracies” so it is ironic to see that tolerance is not extended to groups dedicated to fighting voter fraud. Texans Together Education Fund’s subsidiary is Houston Votes currently itself accused by the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector office of voter fraud registration.

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King Street Patriots Turn Table on the Dept of Justice

October 31st, 2010 No comments

Babe HuggettBABE HUGGETT: Meeting the bullying tactics of the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice with it’s suit against them for “voter intimidation” head on, the King Street Patriots held a press conference on Thursday, Oct. 28 openly inviting the DOJ to send in, “…federal election monitors and staff from the Community Relations Service…” to see for themselves the unbiased dedication and honesty of the True the Vote initiative trained poll watchers, who have come under increasing verbal and physical abuse for reporting irregularities at polls notorious for voter fraud.

King Street Patriots Fight Back

King St Patriots Fight Back

Speaking for the King Street Patriots was their Liberty Institute lawyer, Jonathan Saenz, who enumerated the harassment the poll watchers have endured from verbal abuse and veiled threats all the way up to being physically manhandled and assaulted.

Saenz said, “We are so concerned by these attacks against volunteer poll-watchers, most of whom are stay-at-home moms or elderly, that we have asked the Justice Department to help and even attend True the Vote poll watcher trainings. Having poll watchers is not only the law, it is crucial in a free society that all candidates and parties can see and make sure the election was held with integrity. Being attacked for fulfilling that civic role is inexcusable.”

King Street Patriots leader, Catherine Engelbrecht, backed up Saenz’s statement when she took the mike and commented, “Many of the poll watchers being attacked are soccer moms and senior citizens, who volunteer their time because they love their country and want to ensure a free and fair election. The True the Vote poll watcher trainings are for anyone who wants to get involved. Attacks on silent poll watchers are not only against the law but shameful.”

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The Coup Has Begun

March 26th, 2010 No comments

Babe HuggettGermany in 1933BABE HUGGETT: Now we know what it must have been like in 1933 for decent Germans during the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party. Ever since the unconstitutional communist coup of Obamacare passed earlier in the week, the full anger and fury of US socialists has turned on the last of the free-thinking, conservative holdouts, a.k.a. patriotic Americans. I am old enough to have seen this phenomenon in every country where post WWII socialism, in its various guises, took over.

In 2001 I wrote an editorial on what the socialists of the Labour Party in the UK would ultimately face if they continually accused concerned British citizens of parochialism, racism and bigotry when they spoke out against Labour’s gross mismanagement and malfeasance coupled with its obscene immigration policies encouraging massive and uncontrolled immigration into the UK from hostile, aggressive, alien Third World countries. I predicted that as Labour continually smeared people of good will, these same people would not only vote Labour out of office but would gravitate away from main political parties to ones that would offer them acceptance.

Unfortunately, the Tories, like our own GOP failing to forcefully defend the TEA Party patriots, are currently echoing elitist and racist accusations as defined by Labour, so the only political parties left for concerned, patriotic Brits is either the lackluster United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) or the truculent British National Party (BNP), which is campaigning on British national pride and stopping/reversing immigration especially from Islamic nations. Read more…

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