Dr. Jennifer Yeoman

A physician in Australian with over 20 years service in family practice.

Healthcare Down Under

October 12th, 2009 2 comments

Australian HealthcarePERTH, Western Australia: There are more choices for Americans to consider in health care than the plans offered by the US, Canada, and Great Britain. As a practicing physician in Australia with over 20 years experience I thought your readers at the NIP would be interested in healthcare down under.

Australian citizens each have a medicare number which gives them free medical coverage in Australia and overseas in countries with reprical agreements. You can attend any General Practitioner of your choice, as often as you want. The vast majority of medicines are subsidised by the Government to a max cost to the patient of around $30 AUD. After you have spent around $800 in a year on pharmaceuticals, you’re covered by a safety net and it’s free after that until the end of the year. Read more…