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Obama Awards National Voting Machine Contract to VW

November 3rd, 2015 No comments

obama_merkel_vwToday the Whitehouse announced awarding a national voting machine contract to Volkswagen. Citing recent news articles, Obama is quoted as saying, “We are excited to award this contract to VW engineers who have proven their superior programming skills.”

Analysts wonder at the timing of this announcement. Today’s upset in Kentucky may be telling. Today’s election in Kentucky resulted in Matt Bevin becoming the first republican to become governor in Kentucky in 40 years. Analysts wonder if that stinging loss and others this election day had anything to do with the Obama administration reaching out to VW.

When spokesman Josh Earnest was asked if today’s election losses had anything to do with awarding the contract to VW he replied, “VW has proven their superior programming skills which we feel will help our country bring about social justice at the polling booth.”

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Update on Union Rallies

April 15th, 2011 No comments
Bob WilliamsBOB WILLIAMS: I expect a lot of union protest and rallies in the coming month, and I fear that things will get ugly.  The unions certainly are active, and protests this week took place from coast to coast, from Times Square to Olympia, WA.  Here are some of the highlights of this week’s union protests around the nation:
  • California: The California Teachers Association has budgeted $1 million for labor protests at the State Capitol on May 9-13.
  • Illinois: More than five thousand union members from three different states gathered in Daley Plaza on April 9. Participants claim both private sector employers and state governments are eroding the standard of living of working people by wage roll backs and cuts to benefits.  Other protests took place around the state, including in CollinsvillePeoria, and Gurnee.
  • Michigan:   On Wed., the state saw its second big labor rally when thousands at the state Capitol protested Gov. Snyder proposed a budget that makes steep cuts to education and calls for public employees to pay 20 percent of their health insurance premiums. In a “call to battle,” Herb Sanders of AFSCME Council 25, said public employee unions in Michigan should be prepared to use the ultimate “weapon” of their labor to “shut this state down” if Snyder and the Republicans who control the Legislature don’t back off.  The Michigan Education Association is awaiting results for local approval for “unprecedented action,” including work stoppages that Republicans say would be an illegal strike and are prepared to punish.This week, the Grand Rapids Michigan Teachers union president suggested to the school board tstudents attend protests as a field trip.  Unsurprisingly, the school board rejected the proposal.
  • New York:Thousands of pro-labor demonstrators gathered April 9 at a rally in Times Square, organized by the New York state AFL-CIO. The marchers say they are standing strong against what they claim to be a war against organized labor in this country.
  • Ohio: Ten thousand protesters gathered at the Ohio Statehouse at the kickoff rally to repeal Senate Bill 5, Gov. John Kasich’s union-busting initiative that takes away collective bargaining rights of Ohio’s public workforce.

The left also plans to protest the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meeting in Cincinnati at the end of this month.  In addition to unions targeting state lawmakers, they are also going after banks, and the SEIU has focused on JP Morgan Chase. The next month or so will certainly be full of union activity and we need to be aware.  We also need to get out the message of the differences between private sector and governor sector collective bargaining.


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The Truth About Government Shutdowns

April 9th, 2011 No comments

James SimpsonDHS Shutdown ScheduleJAMES SIMPSON: Under a government “shutdown,” which even the media is beginning to call “partial shutdown,” a certain number of employees from each agency remain on the job. These employees are “exempt” from the shutdown. The media and their Democrats would have you believe that all but a few employees go home, with dire consequences to follow, while anarchist Republican legislators line the hallways cheering: “Don’t let the door hit you on the rear on the way out.”

As described in an earlier post, nothing could be further from the truth. Social Security checks will continue to be mailed, ships will sail and planes will fly. Most people won’t know the difference.

The table included here proves the point. (Click on the picture to enlarge) It was taken from the appendix of a Department of Homeland Security document titled, “Procedures Relating to a Federal Funding Hiatus,” dated April 8, 2011 – i.e. today. The “DHS Component” column indicates the acronym for the relevant agency, eg USSS = United States Secret Service; FLETC = Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, ICE = Immigration and Customs Enforcement, etc. The chart indicates that DHS has a total of 222,950 employees. It also indicates that of these, 189,362 are exempt. In  In other words,approximately eighty-five percent of DHS employees will continue to go to work. A mere fifteen percent will be temporarily furloughed.

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Feds Own 30% of the Real Estate in United States

February 26th, 2011 No comments

WASHINGTON: Have you ever driven through the great expanses of the US and wondered why so much of it is wide open? California’s land prices lead the nation in overpriced real estate, where a average family on one income can’t afford to own a home. Have you ever wondered why that is so, when there seems to be so much undeveloped land in California? It’s because the Federal Government owns 45% of all the land in California.

What impact would releasing that land to developers have in housing prices? Keeping this land locked up has artificially inflated real estate prices and made multi-millionaires of developers and contractors in California.

Such is the case in every state in the US, to a greater or lesser degree. The map below details the percentage of real estate owned by the government in each state. The top 10 list of states with the highest percentage of federally owned property are:Feds Own the US

  1. Nevada           84.5%
  2. Alaska            69.1%
  3. Utah               57.4%
  4. Oregon           53.1%
  5. Idaho              50.2%
  6. Arizona           48.1%
  7. California        45.3%
  8. Wyoming         42.3%
  9. New Mexico     41.8%
  10. Colorado          36.6%

The Feds own nearly 30% of all US territory, almost 650 million acres of land. When we think of the US indebtedness (see US Debt Clock in right column), we do not take into account the assets this country owns. Just by selling “public” lands to private investors the US could raise significant capital. Much of this land is mineral laden and oil rich.

Abu Dhabi Capital Gate TowerThis doesn’t count all the offshore property the US owns. There are billions of barrels of oil lying beneath US territorial waters, forbidden to drilling. Does it make any sense that the price of gas at the pump is controlled by the Saudis when we have so much energy here in the US?

Our dollars flow out of the US like oil out of a gushing well, only to be used to prop up illegitimate regimes and to finance terrorist activities. Just think of the wealth the US could retain if we were paying ourselves for all that oil instead of OPEC.

Our roads and national infrastructure in the US lie in shambles while Arabs build skyscrapers that rival the tower of Babel. Airports and highways in Arab countries glisten while airports like LaGuardia look like third world countries. All of the developments in the Mideast are being paid for with US dollars.

The question you should be asking yourself is why does our federal government lock up our lands and oil? Our politicians have driven our country into bankruptcy. It’s time to sell off some assets and bring our debt back into control. While we are at it let’s quit sending our dollars overseas to prop up dictators like Qaddafi and the House of Saud.

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Agenda 21 Anti-Civilization Agenda Embraced in Ventura, CA

February 26th, 2011 No comments

James SimpsonWildways Destroy CivilizationJAMES SIMPSON: California is the unfortunate testbed for almost every new lunatic idea promulgated by the radical left—which is to say, every idea they offer—the complete explanation for why the state is such a train wreck. One of the worst examples is California’s oppressive environmental statutes. In combination with these, Agenda 21 has spread like cancer throughout California. Today I received some explicit examples of how this is playing out in Ventura County. The county Board of Supervisors is attempting to impose, almost word-for-word, the Wildland Project’s despotic edicts that will turn wide swaths of rural private property into complete wastelands.

A group called the Ventura County Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business (VC COLAB) detailed these problems in a recent seminar held by the Ventura County Libertarian Party. VC COLAB Executive Director Lynn Gray Jensen cited planned revisions to Ventura County’s Biology Initial Study Assessment Guidelines (ISAG), which they describe as “a lengthy and complex draft of terminology, thresholds, methodology and restrictive covenants to be applied to county projects that are subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).” Look at the 210 page document and see if you don’t agree. Simply mind-numbing.

ISAG had identified 19 practices and conditions determined to be “unsustainable.” Imagine yourself a VenturaCountyfarmer who owns a parcel of undeveloped land. You want to grow crops or build a structure, but it has been identified as “protected property” by California’s onerous environmental regulations. The restrictions identified by VC COLAB are nothing short of horrifying. Following is a partial list:

In addition to owners being prohibited, without express approval from the County Planning Director, from conducting normal agricultural activities such as filling, storing and removal of soil and rock; erection of buildings, fencing, corrals and other structures; placement of pavements, stones, gravel, etc., for pathways; and grazing of livestock, property owners must not keep pet animals or operate bicycles, mowers, tractors or any other vehicles (motorized or not) on their land. Other limitations apply to planting, harvesting, landscaping and irrigating. It bears repeating, these restrictions would be applied to the property by way of mandatory deed amendments, and thus remain in place permanently, even as the property is passed on to heirs or is sold.

No bikes? No pets?

Effectively, you couldn’t grow crops, keep livestock or clear a field. Your kids couldn’t even ride their bikes on the land! And if you ever sold or bequeathed it, subsequent owners would be subject to the same restrictions. In other words, your land would essentially be dead. Over time, it would become engulfed in an overgrown tangle, as the land was reclaimed by the wild. Your property value would fall to zero. Right now, this only applies to undeveloped land, but if they can take some of your property this way, why not all of it? The precedent has been set. Read more…

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Is the Looming Government Shutdown a Precursor to Anarchy?

February 19th, 2011 No comments

James SimpsonJAMES SIMPSON: As the battle of the budget wages on, and the March 4th D-Day moves inexorably closer, and with the Continuing Resolution passed in the House of Representatives early this morning, including two amendments by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) to defund Obamacare, the media is increasingly raising the specter of a possible government shutdown. What every Republican, every patriot, every person conceivably affected needs to understand is how this will impact average Americans.

Will airports shut down because air traffic controllers have gone on leave? Will those mean Republicans throw granny out in the street when Social Security stops sending payments? Will everyone who receives checks in the mail see their income dry up because the Post Office shuts down?

Will welfare mothers have to feed their children cat food?

The Democrats will tell you that and more. A Google search of “government shutdown” brings up pages describing dire consequences. But if you follow the links you will see that this is more a reflection of leftist web domination than anything else.

The greatest consequence of a government shutdown will be the Democrat-generated media hysteria we will have to put up with unless/until they get their way. They will demagogue at every opportunity, describing fantastic scenes of nationwide anarchy. They will do what they always do, about the only thing they do well, and in fact have already begun doing:

They will lie.

President Obama almost immediately threatened that Social Security checks would stop coming.

He lied. Read more…

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Speaker Boehner: Honor your pledge, or resign, NOW!

February 16th, 2011 No comments

James SimpsonJAMES SIMPSON: It is almost impossible to believe that a mere month into the new Congress, old guard Republicans led by House Speaker John Boehner are stampeding to violate key campaign pledges. We have seen the “resolute” House Republican leadership quail over the prospect of actually making a paltry $100 billion in promised spending cuts. We have seen tough talking Darrell Issa backing off desperately needed investigations of blatant Obama administration corruption and abuse of power. Now the leadership is putting up roadblocks to the only chance we may ever get to stop Obamacare.

The House is currently considering a Continuing Resolution to fund government programs for the rest of the year. A temporary CR was passed in the waning days of the 111th Congress that expires March 4th. Without a new CR the government will then shut down.

Representative Steve King (R-IA) offered an amendment to the CR that would entirely defund Obamacare. What better way to force Democrats to abide by the crystal clear will of the American people than to offer them the stark choice of passing the CR and defunding Obamacare in the process, or having the government shut down due to their arrogant stubbornness? And do most Americans care if the government shuts down for a while?

NO! We’d be relieved! Shut it down and keep it shut until the Democrats squeal “Uncle!”

So, Republicans should be all for King’s amendment, right?


Last night, the House Rules Committee headed by David Dreier of California, blocked the amendment, claiming that it violated House rules. This is absolutely false. As King stated in a Washington Times editorial today:

One of the tactics is to argue that my proposal violates the rules by legislating on an appropriations bill. It wasn’t a violation when Congress defunded the Vietnam War, and it’s not a violation now. The CR, the very bill that I seek to amend, has language in it that blocks the use of any funds to move detainees out of GuantanamoBay. By their definition, they’ve set a precedent and all I ask is to use the same tool to debate and vote on blocking the use of any funds to implement or enforce Obamacare.

Defunding Obamacare also would avoid $105.5 billion in Obamacare seed money slated for spending in 2011 that Nancy Pelosi slipped into the bill last year. So not only could Republicans keep their pledge to stop Obamacare, they would actually be doubling the budget cuts offered in the CR. Read more…

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