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Obama Sells the US and NATO Down the River

November 30th, 2010 No comments

Obama Scuttles Defense ShieldWARSAW, POLAND: Today the Wall Street Journal revealed (below) that as recently as this spring Russia has been deploying tactical nuclear weapons on the borders of our NATO allies. To understand the issues at stake we need to examine some background.

NATO was formed after WWII primarily as a defense against the Soviets and was proven effective during the cold war, leading to the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union. The United States is the primary funder of NATO and is the most influential member of the alliance. For a deterrent against nuclear deployment NATO relied on the principle of mutually assured destruction, which was effective in preventing nuclear strikes for over 50 years.

Now we have a new game, with Russia and Islamic rogue states in play. The proliferation of nuclear weapons renders the mutually assured destruction defense inoperative. What is required is a new European missile defense system to protect against Russia, Iran and others. In 2007 the US started formal negotiations with Poland and the Czech Republic to construct the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense System to protect against Soviet and Islamic threats. This was the beginning of a new strategy to permanently protect the free countries in Europe from domination and destruction.

Candidate Obama gave lip-service to protecting Europe with this new defense shield:

His position is as it was throughout the campaign, that he supports deploying a missile defence system when the technology is proved to be workable.  Denis McDonough, Foreign policy adviser to Mr Obama BBC News

But just 4 days after his election he revealed that Obama was lying during the campaign on this issue:

Obama denies Poland missile vow. US President-elect Barack Obama has not given a commitment to go ahead with plans to build part of a US missile defence system in Poland, an aide says. BBC News, November 8, 2008.

In September of 2009 Obama officially scuttled the US missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. This resulted in destroying the long-standing relationship the US has had with one of its strongest allies while buying nothing from the Russians. Read more…

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Groped or Electronically Raped: The Only Choices from TSA

November 15th, 2010 No comments
TSA in Muslim Headgear Gropes Catholic Nun

TSA in Muslim Headgear Gropes Catholic Nun

SAN DIEGO: As reported by the San Diego Union Tribune, on Saturday an American Airlines passenger, John Tyner, was “simultaneously thrown out of San Diego International Airport on Saturday morning for refusing to submit to a security check and threatened with a lawsuit and a $10,000 fine if he left.” What makes this case interesting is that the entire incident was recorded by Mr. Tyner. You can read his first hand account as well as listen to the entire proceeding. Before he went through security he took the precaution of turning on his cell phone recorder.

Like many Americans Tyner objects to the full body scan, citing health concerns of low level radiation as well as the invasion of privacy. Tyner checked the airport web site prior to checking in, and the web site listed only metal scanners. When he arrived he lined up to be scanned conventionally but was herded into one of the full body scanners omitted from the web site description.

John Tyner Stands Up to TSA Jackboots

John Tyner Stands Up to TSA Jackboots

When he requested to get in line for the metal scanner his request was refused and told he would receive a intrusive full body pat down if he did not submit to the full scan. When he asked the guard not to touch his genitals his request was rudely denied, and security was escalated.

What followed can only best be described by Tyner himself. Read, watch and listen to his full account here. It’s time for more Americans to stand up this TSA nonsense just like John Tyner did. The main reason the TSA is doing full body scans of all Americans has nothing to do with security. It has everything to do with the lucrative contracts awarded to industries that are supporting the TSA and big Sister in their invasive desire to control Americans. We should be the ones being protected, not harrassed.

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Shariah Law Sets Its Sights on US, FBI Welcomes Terrorists

November 11th, 2010 No comments

James SimpsonJAMES SIMPSON: This past September, the Center for Security Policy issued an abbreviated report titled Shariah – The Threat to America, An Exercise in Competitive Analysis, Report of Team B II. In a press conference today, CSP is releasing the full, unexpurgated study, and will have four of the authors on hand to discuss it. A great summary of both versions can be read here.

The “Team B” name was coined for a 1976 critique of U.S. détente policy toward the Soviet Union. A group of highly-regarded analysts, “Team B,” found the assumptions of “Team A,” the détente crowd, to be fatally flawed—i.e. that the Soviets could be placated by accommodative policies—and that by naïvely misreading the enemy, détente was actually exposing the U.S. to lethal danger. This later became the foundation for the Reagan Doctrine.

The Team B II report continues this tradition, this time evaluating U.S. policy toward radical Muslims living within the U.S. The 372 page document addresses in detail a largely unrecognized but deadly Islamist infiltration, its methodologies, its goals, its frightening successes and what must be done to stem this tide.

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of this report. It has put together some of the best minds in foreign policy, military policy and domestic law enforcement. It is a thorough, sober, articulate exposé that overlooks no subtleties of argument, yet is written in crystal clear prose easily grasped by layman and expert alike.

While our Nation has been battling violent Muslim terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, their brethren have been quietly settling in the United States for over sixty years. The strategies embedded in this stealth jihad can be summed up in one word: Shariah.

Shariah is a Muslim terms with which most Americans were unfamiliar prior to 9-11. It has been popularly misconstrued in the public mind as some kind of Islamic religious doctrine. Now, having witnessed this “religious doctrine” played out across our TV screens with the videoed beheadings of Nicholas Berg and journalist Daniel Pearle, reported stoning deaths of female rape victims for marital infidelity, honor killings, genital mutilation and other such vicious, abject lunacy, we have been forced to admit that it can be just a wee bit harsh as religious teachings go. Read more…

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Sudanese Community in America Speaks Out Against Obama

October 25th, 2010 No comments

Garelnabi Abusikin criticizes Obama despite the danger to his mother, who is still in a refugee camp in Chad

EL MARCO: Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo is an extraordinary man with no shortage of friends, and detractors. Tancredo has been branded a racist by the political left for being a leading critic of illegal immigration, and yet he earned a standing ovation from the NAACP. Recently I was in New York to photograph the start of the Sudan Freedom Walk, and learned things about Tom Tancredo (and Obama) that few Americans know anything about. I discovered that while many in the Sudanese refugee community feel betrayed by President Obama, they reserve a special place in their hearts for Tom Tancredo. Now, for the first time, the Sudanese community in America speaks out in support of Tancredo, while bitterly criticizing Obama.

Obama always kept saying in public and in the news, “I’m going to stop the genocide, and when I become president, no more genocide.” I met Obama face to face in Philadelphia, at the Sheraton Hotel, with the Sudanese community of Philadelphia. We met him, and he promised us, the first thing, he was going to stop the genocide. After he became President, and after we worked for him (campaigning) he forgot us totally, he forgot us. Now every day he talks with the Sudan government, and he gives them more time to kill people. Of course, I feel very bad. And also, this is a shame as a human being.

Obama, his father comes from Kenya, and Sudan and Kenya have a border. Obama’s father’s tribe is called Luo. Luo is the same tribe who also live in Darfur. No matter what, if his tribe lives in Darfur, or doesn’t live in Darfur, he should say something. Now is the time to say something. He doesn’t even say “President Bashir, from today, don’t kill people in Darfur. stop raping the women in Darfur, and stop killing the children in Darfur. If you continue killing children in Darfur, we’re going to take action, we’re going to do something to you. We’re going to do something to your regime.” But he never says that.

The Sudan government killed my father. My family is in a refugee camp for nine years. I have a lot of good friends, more than a thousand, who died in Sudan. I think that Obama is close to the Arab Muslim, more than the African. Because Sudan’s problem is between Africans and Arab Muslims. Arab Muslims, in the north, they kill us. They kill Christian people, more than three million in south Sudan, for no reason. And also, they killed two million in Nuba Mountain. Today, in Darfur, we don’t even know how many people died. Garelnabi Abusikin, son of a chief of the Zaghawa tribe.

Read the full story at

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Soldier of Fortune Turns 35: An Exceptional Magazine & More

October 20th, 2010 No comments

Current cover features Gy. Sgt. Nick Popaditch, Congressional candidate for San Diego, CA’s 51st district:

James SimpsonJAMES SIMPSON: Like most things unapologetically conservative and unapologetically pro-American, Soldier of Fortune magazine has been pilloried for years by the organized Left’s venomously anti-American press and culture. But SOF, founded in 1975 by decorated Special Forces veteran and lifelong adventurer, Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown (USAR – Ret.), stands out as a singular example of American exceptionalism in print media. But that the rest were half as good.

SOF is more than that too, for unknown to most people, Soldier of Fortune magazine and its staff of intrepid reporters – almost all with special operations backgrounds, some who paid the ultimate price while on assignment – has voluntarily assisted the U.S. military and our allies for decades, with little or no recognition, providing intelligence, training and combat support to freedom fighters throughout the world. They did so much of this in fact, that they could almost be characterized as the first “private contractor,” except they did all their work for free, with expenses being covered by the magazine itself.

Started in 1975, the year of the Vietnam War’s ignoble end, Soldier of Fortune magazine quickly gained a wide following among Vietnam veterans. It was one of the few journals then in print that gave an honest and appreciative assessment of veterans’ wartime sacrifices, with articles written mostly by fellow veterans who knew about war firsthand, up close and personal. Read more…

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New Yorkers Fed Up With Radical Islam

June 16th, 2010 No comments

NEW YORK CITY: What they don’t want you to see, thousands of New Yorkers rallying against the building of a $100 million mosque at Ground Zero. You don’t see this in the lame stream media, part two from

Thousands Rally Against Ground Zero MosqueNew Yorkers Fed Up With Radical Islam

Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero

June 7th, 2010 1 comment

Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero RallyPamela Geller Co-founder of Stop Islamization of AmericaNEW YORK CITY: Yesterday New Yorkers gathered at Ground Zero to rally against the new $100 million mosque being built on the site. The proposed mosque is an affront to New Yorkers who lost loved ones due to the radical Islamic terrorists who destroyed the twin towers on 9/11.

Pamela Geller, the co-founder of Stop Islamization of America, spoke passionately about jihad, sharia, and why the idea of a mosque in this spot is so wrong:

We are here today in honor of D-Day, when the Allied Forces began to defeat Nazism. And the symbolism should not be lost. Not only should the symbolism not be lost, but we’re on the corner of Church and Liberty.

Ground Zero is a war memorial. Ground Zero is a burial ground…We are asking for sensitivity…

This is part of the plane that went into the Trade Center, that’s in the Burlington Coat Factory (the building that was bought with mysterious funding for the mosque). Designate it as a historic landmark, like Pearl Harbor. We are going to sue the U.S. Government to get a designation of war memorial status.

Haven’t we had enough of Political Correctness? It’s time to stop the radicalization of America. Read the full story at

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