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House Budget Cuts Too Little Too Late

February 21st, 2011 No comments

"Cuts" vs SpendingWASHINGTON: Saturday saw the House pass a $1.2 trillion continuing resolution to fund the government through the rest of this year. The resolution contains cuts totaling $61 billion. Cuts target NPR, Planned Parenthood, border security, education and other federal programs. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other senate democrats have called the measure “extreme.” Speaker of the House John Boehner has threatened a shutdown of the federal government if the resolution is not passed. Obama and the democrats have vowed a fight on Boehner’s threat to shut down the government.

With all the posturing on both sides it is easy to not see the forest for the trees. $61 billion is only 5% of $1.2 trillion dollars. The US will have to borrow $516 billion to finance the $1.2 trillion and our politicians are arguing about defunding NPR and Planned Parenthood? What is needed is a much larger cut, say $516 billion.

Let’s look at it this way. Your household has a credit card limit of $25,000 and you are over the limit by $10,000, owing a total of $35,000. Your bank calls you to reign in spending and threatens to report you to the credit agency and downgrade your credit (think Moody’s). You tell the bank how serious you are about cutting back, and you tell your banker that you were thinking about adding another $20,000 to your debt this year but are going on an austerity spending program and are only going to spend another $19,000, that will hold your debt to “only” $49,000.  That’s the kind of “extreme” fiscal discipline the Republicans are suggesting.

BTW- your share of the Federal debt? $45,000 and climbing. (See the live counter to the right.) You will need to pay it back. Why aren’t you angry?

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Speaker Boehner: Honor your pledge, or resign, NOW!

February 16th, 2011 No comments

James SimpsonJAMES SIMPSON: It is almost impossible to believe that a mere month into the new Congress, old guard Republicans led by House Speaker John Boehner are stampeding to violate key campaign pledges. We have seen the “resolute” House Republican leadership quail over the prospect of actually making a paltry $100 billion in promised spending cuts. We have seen tough talking Darrell Issa backing off desperately needed investigations of blatant Obama administration corruption and abuse of power. Now the leadership is putting up roadblocks to the only chance we may ever get to stop Obamacare.

The House is currently considering a Continuing Resolution to fund government programs for the rest of the year. A temporary CR was passed in the waning days of the 111th Congress that expires March 4th. Without a new CR the government will then shut down.

Representative Steve King (R-IA) offered an amendment to the CR that would entirely defund Obamacare. What better way to force Democrats to abide by the crystal clear will of the American people than to offer them the stark choice of passing the CR and defunding Obamacare in the process, or having the government shut down due to their arrogant stubbornness? And do most Americans care if the government shuts down for a while?

NO! We’d be relieved! Shut it down and keep it shut until the Democrats squeal “Uncle!”

So, Republicans should be all for King’s amendment, right?


Last night, the House Rules Committee headed by David Dreier of California, blocked the amendment, claiming that it violated House rules. This is absolutely false. As King stated in a Washington Times editorial today:

One of the tactics is to argue that my proposal violates the rules by legislating on an appropriations bill. It wasn’t a violation when Congress defunded the Vietnam War, and it’s not a violation now. The CR, the very bill that I seek to amend, has language in it that blocks the use of any funds to move detainees out of GuantanamoBay. By their definition, they’ve set a precedent and all I ask is to use the same tool to debate and vote on blocking the use of any funds to implement or enforce Obamacare.

Defunding Obamacare also would avoid $105.5 billion in Obamacare seed money slated for spending in 2011 that Nancy Pelosi slipped into the bill last year. So not only could Republicans keep their pledge to stop Obamacare, they would actually be doubling the budget cuts offered in the CR. Read more…

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