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More Evidence of Hadley CRU Fakery

November 23rd, 2009 2 comments

More Hadley CRU FakeryNORWICH, England: The recent hacking of the the Hadley Climate Research Unit has the world abuzz about the apparent falsifying of data and conclusions by this formerly respected scientific agency. (Read more about the hackers here.)

Turns out this is far from the first time that the Hadley CRU has been discredited. As early as 1995 these guys were bending data, using selective recursion to manipulate results of tree ring analysis to simulate the “hockey stick” graph. This graph supposedly showed an alarming increase in world temperatures during recent years. The increase was to coincide with industrial activity, “proving” the need for unsuspecting and ill-informed government policy-makers to pass draconian measures on industry to curtail CO2 emissions. (CO2- yes, that’s the stuff you breathe out and plants love to breathe in.)

As revealed in his article “Treemometers: A new scientific scandal” in the UK Register Andrew Orlowski explains: Read more…

Hacker Reveals Hadley CRU Global Warming Hoax

November 20th, 2009 3 comments
Hadley Climate Research Unit

Hadley CRU

NORWICH, England: The Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia (aka Hadley CRU) had its servers compromised Thursday and 1079 emails and 72 documents have been exposed to scrutiny on the Internet.

James Delingpole in today’s UK Telegraph opines that the release of these documents amounts to nothing less than “the final nail in the coffin of Anthropogenic Global Warming.”

Andrew Bolt in today’s Melbourne Herald Sun indicates that this scandal “is one of the greatest in modern science”, and that the director of the Hadley CRU admits the emails seem to be genuine:

The director of Britain’s leading Climate Research Unit, Phil Jones, has told Investigate magazine’s TGIF Edition tonight …”It was a hacker. We were aware of this about three or four days ago that someone had hacked into our system and taken and copied loads of data files and emails.”…

TGIF asked Jones about the controversial email discussing “hiding the decline”, and Jones explained what he was trying to say…. Andrew Bolt, Melbourne Herald Sun

Examination of the files seems to reveal the dissatisfaction with the researchers who acknowledge that the globe is actually cooling: Read more…

US Senate Debunks Global Warming

October 9th, 2009 4 comments
Senate Report on Global Warming

Senate Report on Global Warming

To start with, a warning: you will have to read original source material and think for yourself if want to analyze this topic. The links to the documents are here, but you will have to do some work.

Have you noticed they are now calling it “Man-Made Climate Change” rather than “Global Warming?” Turns out the globe is getting cooler. Guess what? The science isn’t “settled,” sorry Al.

I guess since Mr. Gore lost his Senate seat he hasn’t bothered keeping up with Senate research. You should read the US Senate’s own 2008 report: 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims. The report expands on the 2007 Senate Report which outlines objections made by 400 scientists.

You should also read the Science and Public Policy Institute’s report: Prejudiced Authors, Prejudiced Findings. Read these 2 reports and then you be the judge. You will realize the question is not who is misleading who, but the real question is why?

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