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King Street Patriots Fight Voter Fraud Nationally

November 1st, 2010 No comments

Babe HuggettBABE HUGGETT (Reporting from Houston): Lost in all the liberal-left/media smear machine tactics aimed at Houston’s King Street Patriots for uncovering blatant Democratic Party voter fraud within minority communities in Harris County is the fact that the King Street Patriots developed an initiative called True the Vote dedicated to ensuring that elections are free and fair.

True the Vote’s initiative game plan is to get concerned citizens actively involved in the election process to combat voter fraud. While fraudulent votes are a main worry anywhere, unwatched polls, corrupted judges and clerks are also a main, but underreported, venue for fraud. The True the Vote initiative provides resources, instructions and the training to ensure that those Americans concerned enough to get actively involved in the election process, know their legal requirements and rights at the polling place.

Watching the voter fraud occurring in minority communities and hearing the horror stories of poll watcher witnesses, it is becoming rapidly apparent to this reporter that the majority of the judges and clerks within these communities in question have partisan ties to the Democratic Party. Read more…

Radio Jock Fired After Urging Listeners to Fight Murkowski

November 1st, 2010 No comments

Lisa MurkowskiANCHORAGE: This spring Senator Lisa Murkowski agreed to step aside should she lose the Republican primary. Guess what? She lost, but then decided to run as a write-in candidate to sabotage the Republican winner.

Now radio personality Dan Fagan rallies voters to fight Murkowski by signing up themselves as write-in candidates. How does his radio station react? He gets fired.

A day after urging Alaskans to sign up as write-in candidates in the U.S. Senate race as an act of “civil disobedience,” a popular Anchorage talk show host was pulled from the air today.

KFQD 750 AM host Dan Fagan said he returned from lunch to learn that his 2 to 5 p.m. show had been canceled after a representative of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s campaign called to complain. Fagan said he’s not fired and that the status of the show will be “re-evaluated” on Monday.

The caller said “that I should be punished for electioneering and that I may have violated electioneering laws,” Fagan said.

Listen to clip from yesterday’s show:

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The conservative radio host, a supporter of Republican nominee Joe Miller, rallied voters to register as write-in candidates to protest an order by the Alaska Supreme Court that allows election workers to show voters a list of write-in candidates.

The decision was expected to help Murkowski’s write-in bid by making it easier for people to get her name right at the voting booth. Fagan argues that it amounts to illegal electioneering on behalf of the state by promoting a candidate who failed to win a spot on the ballot in the primary elections. Anchorage Daily News

Lisa Murkowski needs stopped, and congratulations to Dan Fagan for standing up to her. Now it’s time for us to fight back on Fagan’s behalf. Call KFQD and flood their switchboards in protest of Fagan’s firing. Murkowski needs stopped and so does anyone supporting her. If you want to flood the studio line call 907-522-0750 (outside of Anchorage call 1-888-909-0750). Or flood their “News Hotline” at 907-275-2277.

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