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Media Smears Catholics with Sex Cases, Gives Gays Free Pass

April 19th, 2010 No comments

Selwyn DukeSELWYN DUKE: Contradiction is no stranger to the mainstream media, and it is on full display in their treatment of the Catholic-priest sexual abuse story.  Normally, the media take pains to point out that transgressors should not be used to typify the group with which they’re associated.  For instance, when terrorism is covered, we’re told that the jihadists of the world constitute just a small group of “extremists” and do not represent Islam.  That is, when the media can’t manage to identify such people only as “youths” and must actually address the issue in the first place.  Yet, with the Church matter, they have no problem blaming the Church as a whole, tarnishing the reputations of the institution, Catholics in general and all priests through gratuitous, slanted coverage.

Are Church Abuse Cases Problems of Homosexuality?But there is one group in this story that not only isn’t painted with a broad brush, it’s whited out: homosexuals.  Claim that the abuse was homosexual in nature and you’ll hear accusations of intolerance, bigotry and backwardness.  “Don’t be ignorant,” say the apologists, “Haven’t you heard about psychology and the ‘determination’ that homosexuality and pedophilia are completely different things?”  Well, I will ask if they’ve heard about word definitions. Read more…

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