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Obama Grants INTERPOL Diplomatic Immunity

December 28th, 2009 3 comments

WASHINGTON: Diplomatic Immunity is that cloak and dagger privilege granted to a certain few foreign government officials, the gift to do as they please within a foreign country. The purpose of the immunity is to protect the channels of diplomatic communication between nations, allowing diplomats to perform their duties with freedom and security.

Some of the protections diplomats enjoy?

  • Diplomats may not be arrested or detained by authorities.
  • Their residences are not subject to search warrants.
  • A diplomat may not be subpoenaed as a witness in a legal proceeding.
  • And a diplomat may not be prosecuted, making them immune from both criminal and civil law suits.

A diplomat’s home country may waive immunity and allow its diplomat to be prosecuted, but this rarely happens.

Because diplomatic immunity offers such broad protection, it would only make sense to limit the privilege to those foreign officials who are the pipelines of communication between the United States and their home country. But common sense does not appear to be a factor within the Obama brain trust.

On Dec. 17th, President Obama issued an Executive Order amending another executive order issued by President Regan in 1983. Regan’s executive order 12425 recognized INTERPOL (the International Criminal Police Organization) as an international organization and granted it some immunities traditionally given to diplomats with some important exceptions. These exceptions made INTERPOL property and assets subject to search and seizures, taxes, and duties. And in addition, INTERPOL was required to register any foreign agents coming into the United States as resident aliens. Read more…

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